Pure Health’s Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Day

Breast Cancer is a rising threat around the world. With 1054 cases in 2018 in UAE alone, it is the most common type of cancer threat today. It’s therefore important to spread awareness about the condition – how to avoid it, how to detect symptoms, treatment options and more.

With over 48% of women employees, the cause is very important to Pure Health. In October 2019, we took a number of initiatives at our head office, the labs and the warehouse to spread awareness about Breast Cancer. All employees wore a pink ribbon through the month to show their support.

Dr. Priya Panicker, the pathologist at Pure Health, conducted an informative session about breast cancer for all the women in the hospital admin office. In addition to a delectable breakfast, the Pure Health team also distributed cookies and pink roses in keeping with the theme of the day at one of their labs.

At the head office in Dubai, Dr. Amal Almulla gave an insightful presentation about the topic including a detailed understanding of the causes of cancer like food habits, lifestyle, stress; the symptoms to watch out for and the various treatments available today. Women across the Pure Health network were invited to attend the session. For colleagues who could not attend the session at the head office, a detailed presentation was shared with all.

Pure Health’s very own breast cancer survivor, Dr. Gangaiah Komala, Histopathology Specialist at on the Pure Health labs, spoke to all the women about how not to lose hope and that cancer is definitely curable if detected early. “One must never take any changes in the body for granted and never hesitate to seek help”, she reiterated. She expressed her deep gratitude towards the Pure Health management who supported her relentlessly during her cancer treatment till she could normally resume work.

As always, Pure Health will continue to take such initiatives for better health awareness among employees, government associates, clients and the community as a whole.

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