Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi Police Test More Than 43,000 Staff

Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi Police Test More Than 43,000 Staff - Pure Health

Abu Dhabi Police has tested more than 43,000 members of its force for Covid-19 over the past three months.

The tests were conducted on police personnel and prison inmates and were carried out by leading laboratory and medical supply company Pure Health.

Police officials said the aim of the programme was to enhance community safety, ensuring everything possible was being done to protect public health.

“Our focus has been to provide continuous screening … in order to enhance the health and safety of the community in general,” said Lt Col Thurya Al Hashemi, director of medical services at Abu Dhabi Police.

In recent weeks, Abu Dhabi Police has assisted in testing initiatives for the general public.

A patrol unit set up in collaboration with healthcare workers has been going door-to-door in residential communities in the emirate to offer free tests.

On May 9, the Abu Dhabi government also launched a huge testing drive for workers living in the Mussaffah area of the capital. That programme was completed on June 23.

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