Ministry Of Health And Prevention Showcases The Largest ISO Accredited Network Through Virtual Reality During Arab Health

MOHAP Showcases The Largest ISO Accredited Network Through Virtual Reality During Arab Health

The Ministry of Health launches the largest national program to integrate mental health into primary care centers

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection intends to launch the largest national program aimed at integrating mental health in all primary health care centers in the Emirates, during its participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2020, and the program includes the provision of community mental health services to reduce the risks of relapse and social, psychological and occupational empowerment of the mental patient,  And dealing with mental health disorders in primary health care centers.

Dr. Hussein Al-Rand, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry for Health Centers and Clinics, emphasized that the launch of the mental health integration program in all primary health care centers in the Emirates reflects the Ministry’s keenness to launch innovative health services and quality initiatives in the beginning of the year of preparing for the fifty, as a prominent global center in the fields specialized in medicine, science and care  Leading health.

Promotional Project

In addition, the Ministry presented a promotional project that includes a trip in the world of laboratories using virtual and three-dimensional reality technologies, with the aim of informing visitors about the infrastructure of the Ministry’s laboratories network, which is the largest network in terms of ISO 15189 accreditation at the level of the Gulf countries and the Middle East and North region  Africa.  Dr. Youssef Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary of the Hospitals Sector, stressed the importance of employing 3D and virtual reality technologies in promoting the mechanism of medical laboratories affiliated with the Ministry and experimenting with its environment in a virtual way.

Smart Technology

The Ministry also intends to apply a smart electronic technology in Saqr Hospital that works to link the electronic bracelet in the patient’s wrist with smart phone devices to protect patients, in the event of any complications such as the inability to breathe, or high pressure, and to send data and alerts to the attending physician and the patient’s family in cooperation  With Massimo, if drugs of an anesthetic nature are prescribed to treat pain, depending on the health condition.  In addition, the Ministry announced the launch of the first national registry to store all data of health professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, and technicians at the regional level, based on the digital transaction technology «Block Chain», in cooperation with Microsoft International.  In order to facilitate the search for medical and technical personnel licensed.


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection revealed the start of its implementation of the project to enable patients with major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression and their involvement in the treatment plan, and includes a clinical online portal for healthcare professionals, and a smart application (On My Way) in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and being implemented at Al Amal Hospital in Dubai.

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