Dr. Gurdeep Dhatt - Cheif Medical Officer at Pure Health

Dr. Gurdeep Dhatt

Chief Medical Officer

Following his Chemical Pathology training at the Westminster Hospital & Medical School in London, Dr. Dhatt obtained the FRCPath from the Royal College of Pathologists, UK. He is an International Fellow of the College of American Pathologists. He has 40 years of field experience as a Consultant Chemical Pathologist, and 27 years of international experience in laboratory medicine at a senior leadership level.

Dr. Dhatt has extensive experience of managing and leading multidisciplinary laboratories in the UK, Germany, South Africa and the UAE. Dr. Dhatt has over 50 publications in prestigious medical journals.

As Chief Medical Officer for Pure Health’s Laboratory Operations, Dr Dhatt is responsible for managing the largest network of laboratories in the UAE with over 350 healthcare professionals.