Pure Health Proves the Value of Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership - Pure Health

Pure Health, the operator of the largest laboratory network in UAE, has proven the value of Public-Private-Partnerships to bring in exponential development in the healthcare sector.

Pure Health became the operator of the largest network of laboratories across UAE on signing the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) in 2017. This is the largest PPP signed within the healthcare sector in UAE.

This PPP arrangement has brought in efficiencies in every aspect of laboratory management. Pure Health has played a pivotal role in introducing state-of-the-art equipment, automation tracks and ace laboratory professionals in the MOHAP laboratories. The result has been extraordinary in terms of improved turn-around-time, reduced cost of operation, additional capacity built and introduction of world-class processes through strict quality accreditations by JCI and other international quality organizations.

Worldwide, PPPs in the healthcare sector have proven to bring in the best of both worlds. Public interest guarantees ‘Access’ to quality healthcare for the general public. The Private sector, on the other hand, ensures high ‘Quality of Care’ and optimum ‘Cost & efficiency’. Globally, 16% of PPP deals in the social infrastructure are within the healthcare sector. Increasingly, the international trend is towards vertical integration wherein laboratories also offer phlebotomy. Yet again, UAE stays ahead of this global trend with this PPP as Pure Health has been offering phlebotomy services in all the MOHAP hospitals since 2017.

With the demonstration of their proficient management skills, Pure Health was also entrusted by MOHAP, with the management of the Preventive Medical Department (PMD). Pure Health thus manages the centers for UAE Visa Medical Fitness testing in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Today, Pure Health manages a total of 114 laboratories using the hub-spoke-spike model across UAE, ensuring every resident gets the care he/she deserves. Quality checks and upgradations is a constant process at Pure Health to always stay ahead of the times.

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