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Pure Health sets up MENA region’s largest Covid lab in Abu Dhabi to test 25,000 people daily

Abu Dhabi – June 11, 2020: Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the GCC, has increased its COVID-19 testing capacity at the specialized laboratory in Abu Dhabi’s Mafraq Hospital, making it the largest testing facility of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region. Equipped with the latest technology in molecular diagnostic apparatus as per international standards, the laboratory plays a key role in the nation’s fight against the spread of the pandemic.

Operating 24 hours on seven days a week and staffed with 120 experienced professionals, the lab houses the largest number of nucleic acid extraction and purification systems along with real-time PCR platforms. With over 120 equipment installations, this facility is one of its kind in the country and capable of performing 25,000 tests in a day.

Commenting on the facility, Mr. Mati Ur Rehman Khan​, Area Laboratory Manager at Pure Health, said, “This extension is going to address two specific clinical diagnostic areas. Currently, the lab is utilizing the power of molecular diagnostics through real-time PCR methodology, which is an important diagnostic tool to detect COVID-19 accurately with high sensitivity and specificity. With early detection capability, this screening tool helps in fighting against the pandemic efficiently. Pure Health is going to ramp up the capacity up to 30,000 PCR tests per day with additional instruments in the near future.”

“Secondly, Pure Health is going to implement Immunoassay Technology for the determination of antibodies to SARS-COV2 in human serum or plasma samples. These assays will be intended as an aid in the diagnosis of COVID-19 and to support the study of the immune status of an infected patient. This will help in controlling the existing pandemic and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 through targeted measures,” he added.

“The lab started its operation in a record time of ten days with the highest testing capacity in the country. Being the largest laboratory network in the country, Pure Health has been providing COVID-19 testing services in UAE from day one,” Mr. Khan elaborated.

Under the UAE’s visionary leadership, the country’s reaction to this outbreak has been remarkable. Health authorities in the country decided not to leave any page unturned, hence stringent surveillance programs with mass screening are in place.

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