Pure Health Talent Competition 2019

Competition hosted from August 2019 to Oct 2019 by Pure Health

Since childhood, we develop multiple hobbies, talents or skills. However, over the years we tend to ignore these skills due to various reasons like higher education, professional work, family commitments etc. It is necessary though, to make time for these talents or hobbies for one’s own personal & social development.

Only a few organizations recognize their employees’ self-development and the resultant social engagement needs.

Recognizing that it’s people are it’s real strength, Pure Health runs a full-fledged year-long employee engagement calendar every year keeping employee welfare at the core. In August 2019, we launched a company-wide talent hunt encouraging employees to revive and bring out their creative side.

The internal mobile application of Pure Health served as an excellent common platform for employees located across the length and breadth of UAE to post videos showcasing their talents. The app also allowed for their peers to vote and select the top 15. These talented 15 finalists then enthralled the audience at a gala evening while competing for the cash prizes and a fully paid international holiday as the first prize.

Pure Health Talent Competition Finale: 26th October 2019

On the day of the final performances, over 200 Pure Health colleagues gathered at the lively and popular venue in Dubai. Over the scrumptious pizzas, pastas and desserts, we thoroughly enjoyed the eclectic performances including dancing, singing, event hosting, sketching, musical instruments and more. The jury fairly scored the participants on various criteria including skill level, creativity, stage confidence and audience response.

The Pure Health talent competition was loved by all – participants and audience alike. The benefits of such events stretch beyond one evening. This successful event at Pure Health provided recognition and made employees feel closer, providing valuable face time and bonding opportunities that wouldn’t be possible remotely, all of which contribute to a positive workplace culture. A healthy organizational culture is in turn responsible for higher productivity and lower attrition rates. Such events also provide the employees an opportunity to meet the top management members in an informal environment bolstering their confidence in the company. The Pure Health talent competition was a winner on all these fronts with an additional perk of the lingering positivity it left behind.

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