However you want to live, you want to
live with PureHealth.

However you want to live, you want to live with PureHealth.

Our Story

PureHealth is a brand of scientific innovation where we combine our imagination and advances in technology to unlock time in order to extend human possibility through life, meaning and purpose.

We are the largest integrated healthcare network in the United Arab Emirates. With a cross-category ecosystem that covers hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, insurance, pharmacies, health-tech, procurement and more, we are on the ground and in the cloud to advance the science of longevity.

Pioneering ground-breaking innovations and leading from the edge of tomorrow, we’re on a mission to unlock time for humankind.


To unlock time for humankind.


To advance the science of longevity so that people live longer, healthier, happier and fuller lives.

Our Values


We believe in Purity. We think, feel and act with honesty, integrity and transparency.


We believe in Unity. Our people, products and services deliver universal benefits.


We believe in Resilience. Our agility and flexibility keep us focused on our goals.


We believe in Energy. We blaze new trails with a passion for innovation and enterprise.


We are Human. We are conductors of compassion.


We are Evolutionary. We stretch boundaries, imaginations, and lifespans.


We are Ahead. We are well-versed on the ground and metaversed in the cloud.


We are Limitless. Nothing stops us in our quest for longevity.